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Final Project Reflection

Final Project Reflection
For my final project, I first started by making a survey that asked high school students about their intentions for their future. Questions included what career path they wanted to pursue later in life, if they wanted to get married or have kids, and whether or not they were afraid of growing older. I constructed an infographic using Venngage to convey the results of this survey. And finally, I made a Spark Video that was made up of different sunset and sunrise photos from around the Cape and elsewhere. I overlayed music and poems about sunrises and sunsets. 
I spent extensive time formulating different questions that would be hard-hitting and answerable to the people taking the survey. As well I made sure to spend a long time on formatting the infographic to make it look clean and professional while conveying my information and findings. To make my Spark Video, I used the different applications on the website to add music and I toyed with some different theme…
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Sunrises and Sunsets Spark Video

SUNRISES AND SUNSETS Digital Literacy Final
Arent sunrises and sunsets just some of the most beautiful scenes that this planet has to offer. We are so lucky to be able to experience them every day. Here is a compilation of various sunset photos that we have snapped through the years on our phones. Nothing fancy, but they do capture the essence and feeling behind the photo. 
*This video was made with Adobe Spark*

I challenge you to wake up early and make a point of starting off your day with the sunrise and ending it with the sunset. This lifestyle generates healthy, productive activity for the mind and soul and gives you a moment of peace and quiet in nature. 


What do you want for your future? How do you feel about growing up?  Digital Literacy Final 
In this survey, I posed personal questions to see how much high schoolers knew about what they want to do with their life immediately after high school and in the distant future. There are questions such as what do you want to pursue as a career and do you want to have kids. 
Find my survey here! 
I used the information that I collected to consolidate it into a useful infographic. 

Timeline Project: Is Alexa listening to you?

Find my timeline project HERE

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